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August 12th, 2016

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Just before she gets that wax on her pussy, Christina Milian goes for another hairy hot sex with her hairy pussy-loving fuck pal. It’s a turn on, that bush, for her naughty friend and if it’s the only way to make him bang her as hard as she wants him to and give her a load of spunk, she could last another day without her usual bald cunt.

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April 6th, 2016

Christina Milian is the eldest of three sisters and they all lived with their mother following the divorce of their folks. This split made Christina adopt her mother’s maiden name, which is Milian, instead of using her dad’s family name which is Flores, in the hopes of getting a more promising career in music and acting. She did go through some shit holes aside from being a part of a broken family, career-wise, just as she was starting to bloom, but Christina eventually made a name for herself and she now has a daughter to then husband, musician The-Dream. Yup, it was abrupt. Just like a dream, which lasted a short time when they went their separate ways. Can’t say she didn’t take after her mom and dad, eh? I guess this ‘breaking point’ could’ve been a way for Christina to really prove to the world how strong she is and would get back up after being tested to fail each time.

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Now she meets a lot of people, for business or pleasure, and live her life like there’s no tomorrow. She was on top of the world being in the music industry and acting from time to time. She said singing is still her favorite passion if she was to choose between the two. Singing brought her to people who she got to work with rather intimately and something took off from one of her gigs one night. While doing a bit of interview for a men’s magazine, she was asked if she has tried taking it in that huge round ass of hers and all she could muster was a flirty giggle. And of course we all know how that played out. Christina, being a feisty woman that she is, always playing in the field when not on mommy mode to daughter, Violet. She has been on an on and off romantic relationships and another engagement which was called off. Didn’t take too long for Christina and this dude to test the waters, so to speak, and spread those chunky butt cheeks for a dry run of some deep anal fucking. She can’t help but moan with pleasure begging him to go deeper and make her scream until she gets a load of cum for her to taste. She will take anything that pleases her that’s why she won’t settle for just one cock!

Christina Milian’s Hot Topless Pics

September 29th, 2010

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Christina Milian was an R and B singer by profession before she started auditioning for parts in TV shows and movies, so she’s no stranger to posing for the camera.  What she’s been doing lately though, is still pushing the envelope for her as far as her career goes, because she’s been posing for the camera while topless.
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Yes, this exotic hot babe of Cuban descent is finally showing off her titties to the world, which is something that other singers have done before, so it shouldn’t be that big of a shock for those following her career or just show business in general.  Besides, these images showing Christina sans top are pretty tastefully done. You can definitely enjoy these with one hand jerking your porker, and why shouldn’t you?  Christina’s one hot babe, as you can very well see from these sexy Christina Milian topless photos.
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Christina Milian’s Sexy Stocking Fetish

April 26th, 2010

Do you find Christina Milian sexy?  Do you think her hot body is just perfect, with it’s tight, perky boobies, thin waist and flaring hips?  And what about that ass, ladies and gentlemen?  Well we’ve found another reason why Christina’s so hot, and that’s courtesy of the sexy stockings she has on in these pics!

Now not everyone can pull off looking so yummy in stockings, you’ve got to have nice legs to pull it off, and Christina Milian does just that in the first photo which has her in stockings but no underwear on!  The sight of her pussy hiding behind the sheer stockings even manages to distract us from the face that she’s baring her boobs as well.  Now that is one sexy look.

But it’s not as hot as the next one because in this one Christina Milian is flaunting her sweet, round ass for us, wearing a whole-body stocking that’s conveniently cut away in the areas that matter, which of course are her titties and down by her crotch!  That gives us some real mouth-watering views of her pussy as seen from behind, and I for one am drooling at it even as I type this!

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I Bet Nick Cannon Misses Christina Milian’s Blowjobs

July 2nd, 2008

Nick Cannon is such a big idiot, cheating on this fine piece of tail!  Look at how sexy Christina Milian is.  Don’t you think she’s enough to keep a guy satisfied?  I know I do.  And with the way this cutie handles a microphone, you know a flesh microphone is also something she loves to hold and place near her mouth.  Hell, she probably loves placing it between her sweet lips and sucking it down hard!  All the cream that comes flowing out is sure to soothe that throat of hers after a hot concert, too.

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Christina Milian’s Naked Holiday

July 2nd, 2008

These celebs can go on the best holidays, like Christina Milian on this beautiful white-sand beach.  But if there’s a better holiday than the one they’re having, it’s the one the other people there are having with her, especially the guys.  Know why?

Because even if she’s having the time of her life getting topless in some tropical paradise, then guys are having an even better time watching her go topless in that place!  It’s easily going to be the best vacation of their lives when they catch a sexy hottie like her on the beach, especially if she’s more than topless, which means totally naked and showing you everything!

And then if you’re really, really lucky, maybe you can get a peek of her when she’s back in her cabana or beach cottage.  While relaxing on the veranda, I bet she’s going to enjoy her nakedness to the hilt and play with herself.  With her favorite toy around, you could watch her dildo fuck that sweet, smooth snatch until she’s moaning loudly in that sweet, sultry voice of hers.

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Get A Look At Christina Milian’s Pink Pussy!

July 2nd, 2008

When Christina gets naked, there’s no stopping her from feeling hot n’ horny.  It’s the most natural thing to happen after all, when you take off your clothes.  And when you take off your clothes in front of other people, that hot feeling turns into an unstoppable horniness, doesn’t it?  Same thing for Christina.  That’s why she’s squeezing her tits, touching herself, and spreading her juicy pussy lips in these pictures right here.  Whoever got to snap those pics is so lucky!  She must’ve been so wet and ready to get down n’ dirty when that was taken, seeing how turned on she must have been to do smile and pose like that.

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Christina Milian Loves Being Fucked From Behind

July 2nd, 2008

Christina Milian’s got a hot, sexy bod that’s just almost too perfect for words, with its sweet curves and perfect tits and ass.  She’s not  chunky though, despite those curves, and she’s not stick-thin either, which means she’s just about perfect.  Now that’s a body that’s made for some lovin’, and with that figure, you can just about bang her any way you want and she’ll look and feel good with every thrust.  But what Christina really loves is taking it from behind, like in this dirty pic right here.  It feels so good for her, we hear, and as you can see, it’s a good position for a nice quickie, which suits her busy schedule quite well!  No need to get completely naked when the urge hits her to bone, all she needs to do is take of her bottoms and bend over for some lucky guy, then BAM!  Fast and furious carnal fun for everyone involved…

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